Compton Law Firm, LLC added online payment and payment by credit or debit card for its’ clients greater convenience. I have teamed up with STRIPE, an online and super secure platform, to offer this to my clients.

Being at the forefront of making legal services affordable, my policy of accepting easy payment plans started Twenty-Eight years ago when I opened my offices. Now, that feature, easy payment of fees, has been brought into the 21st century. Here’s how:

For all clients (except Bankruptcy – more on that in a bit), legal fees can be paid in whole, or in installments, in the office (okay – nothing new so far), and over the phone (NEW)! And fees can even be paid after receiving an email link, in the privacy of one’s own home! HIRING me as YOUR LAWYER is now more FLEXIBLE than ever!

For years, I have prided myself on making it easy to hire a good lawyer. There is no need to be afraid that you cannot afford an attorney. And, if you have any questions about how easy it really is, just call and ask. I am happy to explain the process if you need a lawyer.

Now a word about Bankruptcy Clients: I don’t accept credit cards for payment of Bankruptcy fees – because one cannot use credit in advance or for the purpose of filing bankruptcy. That’s considered “Bad Faith,” and can get one into trouble. But, just like writing a check from a bank account, Debit Cards ARE ACCEPTABLE. So, I will happily take a debit card for payment, so one does not need to bring a check or carry cash to the office. It can be done with a few steps (to verify debit card info) over the phone, or online.

Best of all, the Compton Law Firm, LLC is beginning its’ Virtual Office outreach, to make ACCESS to an attorney EASIER than ever.

If you live in South Carolina and are considering Bankruptcy I will help you, even from the comfort of your own home, by secure online conference. More on this will be answered in my next blog, soon to come!

In the meantime, don’t let fear of expense keep you from getting legal advice. If you need a lawyer, I’ll find a way to get you the help you deserve.

Best wishes to you all!

Dee Compton

We have been appointed by the Federal Government as a Debt Relief Agency. We help people and businesses file for Bankruptcy under the United States Bankruptcy Code. © 2020 Compton Law Firm, LLC