Greenwood, SC Cinderella Project Boutique, Sponsored by SC Bar Young Lawyers Division

The 15th Annual Cinderella Project Comes to Greenwood and Greenville, SC

The 15th annual Cinderella Project is here once again. It’s a great time for young women out there since going to a prom well-dressed will no longer be a problem. It can also be your time to help young women have a great time at their prom — after all, prom happens only once in a lifetime!

What is the Cinderella Project?

The Cinderella Project is an initiative that helps young who don’t have the financial resources to wear gently worn formal, bridesmaid, and prom dresses, and other accessories for their high school prom.

Students can “shop” from a variety of prom dresses, shoes, bags, and accessories for free. Yes, absolutely no cost at all. Every girl deserves to be a princess at least for one night. With this project, you can help young girls build sweet memories that’ll last a lifetime!

“Prom is a magical time in a young person’s life,” according to Sheila Bias, YLD’s Cinderella Project Committee Chair. “So, it’s really important to our volunteers that we help each and every student’s prom dreams come true.”

The project has been running for years now, the Cinderella Project is currently on its 15th year, and it’s sponsored by the SC Bar Young Lawyers Division (YLD).

Attend the Cinderella Project Boutiques in Greenwood and Greenville

Below are the scheduled boutiques in both Greenwood and Greenville. Make sure to come to the event and “shop” for your prom clothes at no cost at all!

Boutique in Greenwood, SC

The Greenwood, SC boutique will be held at the Emerald Baptist Church, 110 E. Laurel Ave., Greenwood, SC, on Saturday, April 9, from 10am to 1pm.
Boutique in Greenville, SC

The Greenville, SC boutique will be held at the Aldersgate United Methodist Church, 7 Shannon Dr., Greenville, SC, on Saturday, April 12, from 8am to 12pm.

Students that live near the area are invited to come. All you need to bring their student ID to attend the boutique and “shop” for your prom clothes. Check out more information on the Cinderella Project’s website.

Donate your dresses, bags, and shoes today!

If you have formal, bridesmaid, prom dresses, and as well as evening bags, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories that are in good condition, let other young girls make use of them by donating them to the SC Bar Young Lawyers Division for the Cinderella Project.

Make someone smile and enjoy her prom night by donating! For more information on where to donate, check out their “Where to Donate” page.


For more information on the SC Bar Young Lawyers Division, visit their SC Bar website or SC Bar Young Lawyers Division on Facebook.

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