Compton Law Firm offers diverse legal services to South Carolina clients. We never back down from a challenge; we have the experience, persistence, and passion to see your case through from beginning to end. No matter how powerful the forces may be that you are up against, we are here to advocate for your rights and win you a successful and fair resolution.

Our South Carolina Legal Service Areas

Bankruptcy, Foreclosure & Creditor Harassment

Are you struggling under a swamp of debt? Are you about to lose your home? Are creditors harassing you on the phone each day? As experienced bankruptcy and foreclosure attorney in Greenwood, SC, we can help you file for bankruptcy relief and set up payment plans. It’s time for a fresh start!

Family Law & Divorce

No matter what your life situation is, we know that your family is the most important thing to you. Our attorney will advocate for you and for your family through divorce, custody, child support, and adoption cases.

Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney & Health Care Directives

Your Will is how you protect your legacy, and your Living Will is how you protect your life. We are here to advocate on your behalf to ensure that your wishes are followed to the letter and that the power of attorney rests with a person you trust.

General Practice

Personal Injury & Car Wrecks

When you are injured, it can change your life irrevocably, and not for the better. Lost capabilities and income can take a financial and emotional toll on you and your family. If it happened through the fault of another, we are here to win you justice. We can also help you to apply for and receive unemployment benefits and workers’ compensation. See also: Worker’s Compensation

Real Estate

From sales and acquisitions to titles to leasing and development, managing your real estate can be incredibly complex. Our attorney can help you to manage your real estate day-to-day, and also protect your rights in case of litigation.

Civil Lawsuits & Criminal Defense

If you are being sued for money damages or accused of a crime, you need a strong lawyer who will stand up for your rights no matter what forces you are up against. We can help you understand the charges being leveled against you, negotiate a plea bargain on your behalf, and take your case to trial.

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